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An action developed in honor of World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day.

What is Moms Supporting Moms?

This initiative aims to highlight the importance of supporting pregnant women and new mothers through the use of an anonymous message board containing good wishes, advice and tips for pregnant and new moms.

This initiative also highlights the enormous value of maternal experience. What women learn through experience can become a source of great support for other women during the first stages of motherhood.

With this initiative we want to rekindle the longstanding tradition of mothers supporting through the  transition to motherhood. To create a virtual network of mothers, daughters, friends and peers with whom we can alleviate the demands of motherhood and enjoy the beautiful moments as well.

Why create the Moms Supporting Moms initiative?

The original idea was developed in 2021 by Área PRYMA, an Argentinian mental health provider team. The team reflected on the comments mothers often say about pregnancy and the postpartum period: “How did no one tell me about this? Why didn’t anyone tell me about this situation?”

Mothers often wish someone had told them about the many surprising aspects of motherhood such as how to have lunch with one hand or take a shower with a baby. Mothers have thousands of anecdotes and experiences that they wish someone had shared with them.

Some of these are funny, some not so much, but many took them by surprise.

Why walk the motherhood path without a guide when there is a wealth of experience and guidance from other moms?

This inspired Área Pryma´s team to create Moms Supporting Moms, a platform to transform the experiences of other women into words that can illuminate, in some way, the path of motherhood for other moms.

The 2021 launch of the campaign was such a powerful and emotional experience that we decided to repeat it and extend the messages not only to Spanish-speaking communities around the globe but also English-speaking communities.

This year we also joined forces with other organizations and health professionals with the hopes that these messages reach more women, echoing the Global Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week campaign slogan: «Stronger Together».

How do I join this initiative?

There are many ways to join Mothers Supporting Mothers initiative either as a mom who has experiences to share,  a mom who is hoping to get some support during this period, or a family member or friend who wants to make sure the messages travel the globe. 

Love knows no boundaries. No matter what city you are in right now, these messages filled with love and care will travel the world and find moms who will find them of great support and encouragement. The Spanish version of the campaign is also available for you to read and share with others.

How to join this initiative if you are a mom that wants to share your experience?

1. Share your anonymous message.

To get inspired,  think of what you wish you had known about pregnancy and motherhood, and what you would like mothers from around the world to hear as they embark in the motherhood journey.

Messages can be good wishes or intentions, advice, learning experiences, practical recommendations, advice to relatives or whatever you can think that could be helpful to new moms.

2. You can also read the messages that others have already left on the Message Wall.

If you are pregnant or have recently had your baby, the experience of reading the messages of other mothers can be a source of support.

3. You can also help spread the word about this initiative by sending it to your contacts and social networks so that the message reaches more women. You can visit and share the @reddemamas profile on Instagram

How do I send my message to other moms?

Below you will find a form where you can type in your message and provide other optional information about you.

You will also find a checkbox where you will give your consent to share your message anonymously.

Finally, click the Share your message button. That’s it!

* All the messages we receive will be published. Although we would love for the messages to be published immediately, the humans behind this campaign have to manually upload the messages into the Wall and into social media platforms. We want to make sure each message is properly posted so we did not want to leave this important job in the hands of «robots». We promise that each message will be published within the next 12 hours (although we will do everything possible to make sure they are posted even faster than that).

Write your message

Message Wall

It’s exhausting, inspiring, soul-sucking and purpose-giving. It makes you question everything!!
It’s the ultimate roller coaster of joy and sorrow, comfort and fear, love and hate, fast and slow, past and future.

2 children, The Netherlands

Becoming a mother is the hardest journey I have ever been on. I was not prepared for how physically and emotionally hard and draining it would be. Some days I would lose my patience or feel like I was doing it all wrong. But I have also learned so much about myself on this journey, how strong I am, how I can grow and adapt, and how I don’t need to be perfect or happy all the time. When my children see me give myself grace for my mistakes, they learn that they can be imperfect and still love themselves.

2 children, Kansas, USA

All those thoughts of despair, sadness, uncertainty, we all have them. The problem is, not many people talk about them

2 children, North Haven CT, USA

You’re going to get a lot of strong opinions. At the end of the day what works for someone else may not work for you. And that’s OK! Motherhood is a journey.


2 children, Miami, USA

Everything will feel out of your control, and that’s ok. Children are difficult and also the best. Just love them he’s, do your best, sleep when you can, and try to enjoy the journey.

2 children, CT, USA

Motherhood has been a surprising rollercoaster from getting pregnant to delivering to nursing to now having almost a 1 year old. You won’t know everything, you won’t be prepared for everything. The best way I prepared was creating a network of is of lots of different people who could support me in different ways at different times.

1 children, Miami, USA

Moms supporting moms is organized by

Organizations and health professionals who support and help to spread this campaign:

Dra. Amalia Londoño Tobón

United States/Colombia

Lic. Ivana Moyano

Buenos Aires/Argentina

Lic. María Agustina Capurro

Buenos Aires/Argentina

Dra. Evangelina Cueto

Buenos Aires/Argentina

Lic. Delfina de Achaval


Lic Judith Feldman

Buenos Aires/Argentina

Lic. Esp. Jennifer Waldheim


Dra. Laura Semerdjian

Buenos Aires/Argentina

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